Great Automatic Sanitizer Machine M260 UVB Rayminder Lamp with 60 min. Timer 2019

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UVB lamp to disinfect air and surfaces without harsh UVC. MED procedure provided for safer operation with incidental exposure only. M2 replicates sunlight with 8x more UVB of 305-311 nm. The most powerful UVB light we offer. Has integrated timer with automatic-off integrated for controlled, limited duration maximum. Detailed instructions included. Up to 8x Sun power from UVB vs. same exposure time in maximum sunlight. Not intended for human use. UVB has germicidal effects without harsh UVC. Mild UVA continues to penetrate. Both react on germs in sunlight deactivating the germ RNA – how they reproduce. Powerful UVB germicidal and UVA by-product light. Caution: not a sunlamp, not a tanning lamp. Recommended for germicidal/laboratory/private use only, not a medical device. Limit timer switches off automatically after 0-60 minutes by setting. Model 2 Rayminder lamp with mid-range UVB delivers powerful UVB exactly where, when, and for how long it is needed. Portable, mountable fixture with integrated timer now with rubber legs for table top use. Glasses included free with shipment are rated for UVB filtering. Lamp has electronic ballast perfectly engineered for the bulb for instant-on, hum-free, non-flickering, quiet operation. UV bulbs contain a loose inner metal piece that will rattle when moved by design. Mounting fixture has reflective strip under the installed bulb. 5′ 120v polarized plug cord. This powerful UVB lamp starts killing germs on illuminated surfaces and in nearby air within seconds. Rayminder UVB Model 2. Research, Germicidal, Laboratory, Integrated timerUVB Midband

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