Awesome Smart Light Therapy Glasses Color Therapy Glasses Set 2019

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Changing your mood is so very easy and non-intrusive using color therapy eyewear. Calm down using green. Perk up using yellow. Just decide what mood you would like to create, and put on the corresponding color eye glasses. It’s really that easy! We’ve sold these glasses for years and everyone seems to like them. Now, with two new colors… they provide you with even greater options to change your mood. The glasses are lightweight, comfortable frames with acrylic lenses. The lenses block 95% UVB and 60% UVA rays. Put on the color of your choice and, within five minutes or so, your mood will be altered. Here’s a brief guide to using the 9 colors. Our new, expanded set of 9 colors includes: Violet: For relaxation, stress, spiritual growth Indigo: For eye, ear and nasal problems, clear thinking Blue: For creative expression, clear communication Green: For over stimulation, exhaustion Yellow: For depression, desire, nerve builder Orange: For mental debility, releasing unwanted habits Red: For female disorders, loss of strength Aqua: For grief, love, communication Magenta: For vitality and balance. Frequently Asked Questions # How do I know which color to choose? Each color is believed to correspond to the endocrine system and a particular emotional state. Choose the color that corresponds to the area of the body or emotional state you wish to address. # How long should I wear them? 10 to 30 minutes per color per day. # Do I need to be outside to wear them? No, any light source will work. Use caution when moving about as some of the colors are dark and may alter your environment. # How many colors can I wear each day? You may use all the colors or just one. It does not matter. These are the same light frequencies that come from sunlight. Set of 9 colors.

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