$9.97 Organic – Seed Starter kit, Plant Germination kit. Includes Organic Soil, Organic Planters and Plant Markers – 5 Pack 2019

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If you have always wanted to grow an organic garden but were afraid to because you do not have a green thumb, no worries, this kit reduces the risks of growing an urban garden by starting with quality soil, reducing watering and using all organic components.

Let’s lay it out…

Soil quality: Having a beautiful and productive garden starts with quality soil. Coconut coir is organic, free from pathogens, weeds and organisms. No pests, weeds or diseases, can’t beat that!


No transplanting: Transplanting can be the number one seedling killer. Transplanting causes a shock to the roots and can cause wilting or death. A sad end after waiting for your beauties to grow.

Soil features:

✿ High water retention – and good drainage

✿ Retains and releases nutrients gradually 

✿ Provides excellent aeration for healthy root development

✿ Neutral to slightly acidic pH, which most plants thrive in

Organic coconut coir planter features:

✿ 100% Organic

✿ These organic pots do not require transplanting. Yay! Because this is a natural and biodegradable material the roots of the seedling penetrate the outer shell once planted directly in the ground eliminating the need to remove the pot.


Made from a renewable resource (coconut husk fiber), Organic coconut coir is an excellent alternative to the depletion of peat bogs.

OUR GUARANTEE: Guaranteed to grow, assuming you followed the instructions on your seed pack! Every plant is different and have their own requirements, make sure you select seeds that are recommended for your area and follow the instructions on the seed pack.

✿ GROW YOUR PERFECT ORGANIC GARDEN: 100% Organic coconut coir soil pods, coconut coir planters and BPA free plant markers. Perfect for starting vegetables, herbs, flowers and ornamentals. Coconut coir promotes strong root growth and plant vigor, is free from soil borne pathogen, has no pests, weeds or diseases and it increases the shelf life of plants.
✿ NO GREEN THUMB REQUIRED: Easy peasy planting! Coconut coir provides high water retention, drainage, root aeration and antifungal benefits. The high water retention properties reduces watering frequency without plant stress, thereby minimizing plant loss.
✿ NO TRANSPLANTING: Keep those seedlings alive! No need to transplant, no root shock , no loss of plants!! The Coconut coir pots included in this kit should be planted right in the ground instead of transplanting, roots easily grow through coconut fiber planter into new soil
✿ WHATS THE DIFFERENCE:.. Coconut coir is not only a natural, organic product, but also a renewable one with a slightly acidic pH that many plants prefer to grow in. Unlike peat moss, which is highly acidic, coconut coir has a more neutral pH level. Excellent drainage, Water absorption and retention, sustainability and soil quality.
✿ CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET: Organic and renewable, coconut coir is an excellent alternative to the depletion of peat bogs. Made from a renewable resource, (coconut coir or husk fiber) a natural byproduct of coconut harvesting. Coconut coir increases the shelf life of plants and reduces watering. Coconut coir is 100% organic and is a superior alternative to peat moss, that provides exceptional water and nutrient retention in seed starting and sprouting.


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