$64.99 Growmanji Solar Powered Hydroponic System DWC, Complete Gardening Kit, Nutrients, Solar Powered Aerator, Germination Cubes and Tray Included. Grow Vegetables,Herbs, Flowers Soil Free.Grow Anything! 2019

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Are you tired of high cost grow systems, fed up with dirty messes full of bugs and pests(80% are soil dwelling), and looking for a better and easier way to grow? Or are you interested in hydroponics but don’t know where to start? This in an excellent starter kit, where you will quickly graduate into larger, more intricate systems.The Growmanji Collapsible is the only Patented, new state of the art solar powered hydroponic complete gardening system. Collapses for easy storage and you can easily fit many units in a small space. No garden required. Perfect for apartments, condos, and inconspicuous spaces.It can be used to grow on the ground, placed in a decorative planter(not included), or as a hanging basket. Grow vegetables, flowers, plants (OF ALL KINDS), or starter trees with ease. Low maintenance, and practically self watering. Grow faster (hydroponically grown plants can grow up to 4 x faster than traditional) and eat healthier.Everything included, just add water and sunshine. Nutrients comprised of special blends including natural volcanic ash which is mined in Utah and contains over 70 minerals and trace elements. These minerals and elements enhance plant growth and vitality naturally! This product conserves tremendous amounts of water and utilizes renewable energy. Our solar powered aerator hyper-oxygenates root structures, enhances and accelerates growth. System is easily adaptable to a plug in aerator (provided now as a bonus for a short time) which would provide 24 hour aeration. Grow like you’ve never grown before! Find out why many growers utilize hydroponics rather than dealing with dirt! Hydroponics is not as difficult as the industry has made it seem, let us show you how! Tech support always available.Hanging solar powered, collapsible (conserves space), soil free gardening, complete hydroponic kit.
Everything included to grow, easy to assembly and ease to use. Learn how easy hydroponics really is!
Conserves space, electricity, and water. Low maintenance, practically self-watering. Only sunshine(or light) and water needed!
Does not require daily watering, your plants will grow faster and healthier than traditional gardening. Grow ANYTHING, even medicinal herbs of your choice!
Includes: solar powered aerator, BONUS dual outlet electric aerator, 1.2 Gal reservoir, hanger assembly, nutrients, PH test strips and stabilizer, net pot, grow medium and germination tray.


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