$53.99 300w LED Grow Light, Upgraded Full Spectrum Reflector-Series Plant Lamp with Heatproof Case for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plant by Lightimetunel 2019

Price: $89.90 - $53.99
(as of Dec 18,2018 00:30:45 UTC – Details)


Working Voltage: AC100-140V
Actual Power :135w±5%
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Lighting Angle:120°
Size: 13*8.5*2.5 inches
N.W.: 1.5kgs/3.3lbs
G.W.: 1.8kgs/4.0lbs
Lifespan:30000 hours

Installation Steps:

1. Link the hooks of the four suspension wires to the mounting hole.
2. Release plug wire and insert the end of the plug wire into the power supply interface of the lamp.
3. Hang the lamp on the place where the plants can be exposed to the sun.
4. Insert the plug wire into the socket, turn on the switch and light up the lamp.

Use Recommend
Germination stage: 48-56in, 16-18s
Vegetative stage: 40-48in, 12-16s
Flowering stage: 32-40in, 10-12s
Perfect for a 2.5’x2.5′ space or even 3’x3′, depending on what height you put.
Precautions for Use:

1. The working voltage of this product is AC100-140V,please ensure the working voltage in the range to make the product work well.
2. Please install this product according to the correct installation steps.
3. The product dissipate the heat through the fan so please leave enough space for heat dissipation.
4. Do not use chemicals or corrosive things to clean the surface of the lamp.

Package Included:

1*300 Led Grow Light
1*Power Cord
1*Hanging Kit

Best service:

Lightimetunnel is a professional manufacturer LED grow, with 8 years of research and development experience, every production process is in strict supervision. One year warranty, money back within 30 days. Any product problem, please contact us and we will reply your mail within 24 hours and will solve it soon.< Professional Spectrum > 168 pcs full spectrum leds (400-780nm) and 24 pcs blue specturm( 470nm )leds,it includes the universal bule red IR UV specturm, which is the plant desire under the natural sunlight, help the plant growing well in all stage of plant, and suit for all kinds of indoor plant.
< Unique Reflector and Double Chip Design > High quality 60 degree Reflector cup and double chip , make sure the light concentrated and look bright, reducing light loss, bring higher PAR value and Lumen output than normal led grow light,the utilization of light up to 95%, promote plants fast growth and improve the output.
< Upgraded – Daisy Chain Connection > Lightimetunnel Upgrade 300w grow light with daisy chain function, combine several lamps work together,save space and improve efficiency .
<Rapidly heat dissipation >High Quality Heatproof material + Large high speed Fans, runs much cooler than HPS/MH light,excellent heat dissipation extended lifespan of the lamp
< M2C bussiness Mode > Lightimetunel has been researched and developed to indoor growers since 2008 , and devoted to the experimentation and testing of the best product for plants growth. Manufacturers to Consumer pattern ,1 year warranty and Professional after-sale Service, it is all the result why to chose our lamp !