$47.50 Super Seed Soak Sprouting/germination Kit 2019

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Super Seed Soak Sprouting Kit. This kit has been designed to help you with seed germination. It has been developed to help with the issues involved with older seed stock, difficult plant varieties to germinate, or to provide you a greater assurance that your seeds have the best opportunity.* Contents within this kit: 1. (1) Soak A “Seed Cleaner” (BLUE) 2. (1) Soak B “Seed Activator” (GREEN) 3. (1) Bio-Drops “Bio Catalyst” (enough for roughly 10 soakings in the full vial.) 4. (1) Soaking Vial 5. (1) Seed Tweezers Super Seed Soak The first step is to place seed/seeds in the soaking vial. You can fill the vial as much as 1/3 full with seeds. Next, pour Seed Soak A, “Seed Cleaner” liquid into vial with seeds, and shake gently for 15 seconds. Place your thumb over the hole in the cap when shaking vial. Then, drain the solution in the vial and fill the same vial (with seeds) with plain tap water to rinse seed, and drain the tap water. Next, pour Seed Soak B, the “Bio Catalyst” liquid into vial with seeds and add 1 drop of the Bio-Drops, into the vial with the seed soak B liquid and gently shake the filled vial for 15 seconds. Last, take seeds out from the Seed Soak B and Bio-Drops “Bio Catalyst” solution, and plant your seeds into a medium of your choice to begin the germination process. *The Seed Sprouting Kit by Manna does not guarantee a 100% success rate. This kit simply provides the highest possible chance of successful germination. This kit will work with 99% of plant varieties. This kit is good for two years and will sprout hundreds to thousands of seeds.Helps germinate seeds
Give your seeds the best opportunity to sprout

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