$39.99 WattShine LED Grow Lights – 300W Growing Lighting, Full Spectrum Grow Light Plant Light Grow Lamp UV&IR Plant Lamp for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Grow LED Panel for Vegetables (5W LEDs 60Pcs) 2019

Price: $79.99 - $39.99
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Professional Light Spectrum Ratio for optimal plant growth: Full spectrum grow led: Include red, blue, yellow, white, IR and UV. Infrared can promote stem elongation and seed germination, our 16-band full spectrum grow lights increase yield in a certain degree.Ultravio can letsterilization, kill bacteria and reduce the plant disease.   Red Light(630-660nm) in plant light: Promote plant growth, germination, flowering, fruiting, plays a leading role in plant coloring.   Blue Light(450-460nm) in plant lamp: Enhanced activity of chloroplast, Chlorophyll and carotenoids absorb light in the largest proportion, have great impact on the root system of plants is easy to absorb soil nutrients. Blue and Red light in the plant led have the biggest contribution for plants, and beneficial for increasing the harvest. 300W LED Grow Light Parameters: Product Dimension: 12.2 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches LEDs qty: 60pcs leds Ratio&layout: Full spectrum Input voltage: AC85-265V Lighting color: Full spectrum Housing color: Black Lifespan: 100,000 Hours Certifications:CE/RoHS/FCC Approved Working Temperature: -4℉ to 104℉ Inner Box Size:13.78*11*5.1inch N.W.: 1.36kgs/2.99lbs G.W.: 1.75kgs/3.85lbs Package include: 1*300w plant lighting+1*Power cord【real full spectrum】 In order to meet the needs of indoor plants at different growth stages, our indoor plant growing light have adopted 16 kinds of LED growth chips(other sellers only have 14 kinds), including red, blue, white, IR, etc. needed by plants to help plants better photosynthesis. Unlike other full spectrum led growing lamp, we have added more red and blue light to ensure an increase in yields of up to 40%-60%.
【Zener diode protecting each LED】Big power LED chip and Zener design: We use long-life LED chips in our garden plants grow lighting, and each LED is equipped with high-quality Zener diodes to ensure that one led broken in growing led panel, other leds still work.
【Thermal Control】 Thermal Control design control power on and off, When the temperature of indoor garden plant lighting exceeds 113℉ , the power supply auto turns off, and after the temperature is cooled down, the power of grow led supply auto turns on again, effectively functioning as a temperature control protection.
【Professional Customer Support】 Reliable warranty and professional service/support: We are not only the seller, but also a professional manufacturer with 9 years of experience in R&D and production of grow LED lamps. Our grow L.E.D.lights are tested and inspected at high temperatures before they are issued. The 36-month warranty is guaranteed. With our growing lights, you can enjoy a variety of plants, vegetables and flowers in the off-season. For any questions, just contact us and we will provi