$16.98 Germination Tray & Soil Starter Pack | 6 Pack of 10 Cell Starter Peat Trays (60 Cells) – 16 Peat Wafer Soil Disks & 10 Easy Read Label Tags | Reusable Potting Seed Starters & Soil 2019

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A Strong Start for Your Young Plants

Are you tired of flimsy plastic germination trays that make transplanting a nightmare?

Our biodegradable germination trays are super convenient and help keep your delicate plants alive during transplanting.

This kit includes 6 trays with 10 cells each for a total of 60 individual cells. Plus, we include 16 expandable peat soil disks and 10 easy label tags.

Give up to 60 plants at a time the strong and healthy start they need to thrive and grow into beautiful and luscious herbs, spices, vegetables and flowers!

Better Than Plastic

Besides being bad for the environment, cheap plastic trays can leach toxins into your plants, especially when under strong grow lamps or the high summer sun.

Plus, you can easily cut and customize your germination trays in ways that simply isn’t possible with flimsy plastic trays.

Avoid Transplant Shock

Because our trays are biodegradable, you can transplant them directly into the soil!

That’s amazing because it greatly reduces the risk of transplant shock that can damage or kill your plants when compared to plastic trays.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The perfect solution for novice growers or experienced green thumb gardeners.

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✅ROOM FOR 60 PLANTS – There are a total of 6 germination trays with 10 individual square cells per tray. That’s great because you can start 60 seedlings or clones at a time. There is enough expandable soil from the 16 wafer pellet style soil disks to put in all 60 cells. Get those seedlings growing!
✅ULTIMATE ROOT PROTECTION – Protect the delicate juvenile root systems of your seedlings and saplings. Our expandable peat soil disks offer better aeration than traditional soil mediums. That’s great because it protects your roots from mold or root rot and can help with transplant shock too.
✅EASY READ LABELS – Our starter pack comes with 10 contrast yellow labels that are easy to read even in low light or when covered in dirt. Plant and label your herbs, spices, flowers, vegetables or any plant you want and stay extra organized. No more misidentified seedlings!
✅ALL NATURAL & BIODEGRADABLE – Unlike plastic potting and germination trays, ours are made from biodegradable fiber peat pots. You can safely transplant them directly into other indoor or outdoor pots and soils. The markers are made from plastic and won’t break down, which means you can reuse them.
✅100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Ashbrook Outdoors stands by our commitment to quality gardening and growing supplies. That’s why we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our supplies. Join thousands of satisfied home gardeners, hobbyists and true green thumb experts…Click Add-to-Cart Today!


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