$14.99 Microgreens Growing and Sprouting Kit – Non-GMO Broccoli and White Radish Organic Vegetable Seeds with Reusable Germination Tray for Your Indoor Soil-Free Hydroponic Garden – Para Living 2019

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What are microgreens
A microgreen is a young vegetable green originally used by fine dining chefs to enhance the attractiveness and taste of their dishes. It is harvested later than sprouts, and provide a variety of leaf flavors, such as sweet and spicy for garnishing salads, soups, plates, and sandwiches. They are also known for their extremely high nutrient value, providing up to 40 times the nutrients of mature plant vegetables, according to a research paper on National Institutes of Health [1].
[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5362588/

Ready to eat within a week
Most sprouts grow within 2 to 7 days meanwhile the first leaves of microgreens are ready to consume in 7 to 10 days.

Convenient and clean
High quality container prevents leakage. You can monitor the growth of your microgreens through our transparent container.

Place your growing kit on your work desk, book shelf or living room for decoration

Works all year round, just remember to give it abundant sunlight and change water

Flexible choice of microgreens
Our growing kit works with all types of microgreen seeds, so choose your favorite veggies to add to your meal! (seeds not provided)

Reusable container
Our product is reusable as many times as you want. Just rinse it clean and make sure the plastic pores are unblocked, and it will be ready for use.EASY TO GROW: Grow BROCCOLI and WHITE RADISH within a week and enjoy nutritious sprouts for salads, sandwiches, and soups harvested fresh in your home in no time.
QUALITY AND VARIETY: Quality high germination organic 10g of BROCCOLI and 10g of WHITE RADISH seeds with safe, durable and easy to clean reusable germination tray included.
GREEN AND HEALTHY: Guaranteed fresh homegrown microgreen veggies contain 40 times the nutrients compare to mature plants. Feed your family and friends with nutritious, delicious veggies grown by you.
EASY TO USE: Just follow the instructions in the seed packet and show off your great work with our transparent container o that you can watch the sprouting progress without opening the cover. The tray occupies very little counter space and the seeds have a high germination rate with no watering needed that even children can grow their own sprouts.
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: This sprouting kit is a great home decoration to make the healthy lifestyle as your statement! Turn your room into your own gardening corner or a unique gift to friends, kids or family.


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