$12.99 Seed Sprouter Wheatgrass Sprouting Tray BPA Free PP Sprouting Kit Big Capacity with Lid 13.4 x 9.84 x 4.2inch 2019

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Material:BPA Free PP Material
Color: As shown

Package include:
1x Water Container
1x Grid Sprouter
1x Lid
1x Instruction Manual

How to sprout?
1.Please choose the seeds which are specifically for sprouting. Soak them in water.
2.After soaking,pick out the bad seeds and put the good seeds in the grid tray evenly. Don’t stack them.
3.Add water into the container tray. The water can’t come up to the grid tray. Don’t submerge seeds in water, otherwise it will rot. To avoid breeding bacteria and smell, please change water for 1~2 times every day.
4.Cover it with lid. If there’s no lid, cover it with paper or cotton gauze. To keep the seeds wet, please spay some water for 2~4 times every day.
5.When the buds grow up to 1cm height, remove the lid. Spray some water for 3~5 time every day.
6.The seeds germination time varies from 3 to10 days. Before harvested, put them in sunlight for 2~3 hrs to increase chlorophyll.

1.The seeds are not included in the package.Please buy the special seeds for sprouting.
2.After soaking,don’t submerge the seeds in water any more so as to avoid the seeds decayed.You just need to keep the seeds wetness but not over.
3.Replacement of fresh water for the water container is done 1-2 times a day.
4.The seeds germination time is different.Most are 3~5 days,some are5~10 days.
BPA Free:Made from BPA Free PP Material.Sprouting without chemical additives.Enjoy healthy sprouts for salads, sandwiches and soups.
3 in 1:The seed sprouter tray includes:1x Water Container,1x Grid Sprouter,1x Lid.The lid can keep the needed moisture and temperature,ensure the high budding rate and fast growing.
SOIL-FREE,clean and convenient.Very easy to use and very efficient in rinse the seeds.
Simple to use:Includes Instruction Manual.Follow the instructions,even a child can succed in sprouting.
Multifunction:Both sprouting tray and storage tray.You can sprout wheatgtrass,soya bean,mung bean,peanut,balck bean etc


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